Merry Christmas to all Fabrics Trove fans!

Dear fabrics trove fans!

Merry Christmas to all of you with lot of love~

Do check out our new arrivals and promotions~*

With Love,

Festive Season Sales!


Dear fabrics trove fans~*

We are currently running a promotion on our blogshop!

Kindly check out on our right menu bar under *labels* for our heavily discounted items.

All Normal Postage is FOC for buying items under promotion~*

Stripes One Piece SGD28.00 FG01SO52

Free Size
Colour ~ Picture Colour
Waist ~ stretchable
Length ~ 80cm
Bust ~ 80cm
Measurements: (+/- 2cm)
sold out!!!

Legging SGD10.00 FG01CL51

Free Size
Colour ~ Picture Colour

Waist ~ 29cm (Stretchable
Length ~ 97cm
Measurement: (+/- 2cm)

Earring SGD5.00 FG01EF48

Colour ~ brown checker/ green checker sold / leopard print/
blue polka dot sold/ flower
print sold

Earring SGD3.00 FG01SE49

Colour ~ silver
sold out!!!

Coin Purse SGD9.00 FG01CP45

sold out!!!
Colour ~ yellow / black / white/ pink

Necklace SGD11.00 FG01BN44

Colour ~ silver sold/ bronze sold
sold out!!!

Earring ( 1set 6pieces) SGD15.00 FG01EA47

Colour ~ gold
1 set 6 pieces

sold out!!!

Earring SGD3.00 FG01GE50

Colour ~ silver sold/ gold sold
sold out!!!

Lace Hp Pouch SGD9.00 FG01LH46

Colour ~ pink sold/ cream sold/ green/ blue/ brown

Necklace SGD12.00 FG01DN43

Colour ~ bronze sold/ silver

Necklace SGD15.00 FG01AN42

Colour ~ bronze/ silver

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